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Welcome to Sacred Friends. It and its companion website used to be Eternal Community, but, quite honestly, I never liked the name and felt a touch out of step with the focus. It's no longer about trying to train and equip counselors and others in relational ministry. Now it's about living relationally. It’s about my heart's desire to see people love God and others more deeply and to be a part of their journey as I share a bit of my own.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sacred Friendships Blog Tour: Week One

Amazing Stories of Remarkable Women

Don't miss out on the excitement. Join the journey this week as you learn the story behind the stories of over 50 remarkable women of faith.

Week One

Here's what you can expect to discover his week and where you can find it.

Monday, September 21, Kary Oberbruner:

Kary will post responses to an Author Q/A he prepared. He'll focus on The big idea of Sacred Friendships, what it's about, who should read it, and why.

Tuesday, September 22, Julie Ganschow:

Julie will post responses to another set of Author Q/A's. She'll focus on being a voice for the voiceless, why we thinkg the church has often failed to listen to the voice of women, and whether we think this continues to be a problem today.

Wednesday, September 23, Stacy Harp:
Stacy will post a lively podcast interview with my co-author, Bob Kellemen. She's a very engaging and encouraging host. Be sure to listen and get the inside scoop on the passion and vision behind the book.

Thursday, September 23, Brad Hambrick:

Brad will explore the map used by Sacred Friendships to share the narrative of women soul care givers. He'll also post author summaries of the first female martyr of the church (Perpetua) and share author stories of the Mothers of the Church.

Friday, September 25, Jim Nestle:

Jim will share author interactions about Monica the Mother of Augustine. Who is the true discipler behind one of the greatest theologians and biblical psychologists of all time? He'll also explore with Bob and me whether women's counsel is all "thouchy-feely" or whether it also has "teeth".

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